About us

A volunteer-run organization by like-minded professionals & Homemaker who believe that they too can make and bring about a meaningful change in the world. It's a community for Ladies which provides you everything you want a friendly environment, empowerment through various cultural & educational engagements, helpful service, a great value for the money, and results that are fast and lasting! She can inspire sustainable transformation and create a new story for herself, her children and her entire community. A woman is powerful and full of often-untapped potential. A woman can change the world but first, she needs to be given an opportunity. In short Connecting women across the country to exchange ideas and opportunities that can change our lives.

Through our growing web-based platform, women are speaking out and collaborating to create solutions for the most pressing issues faced by women all over our country from the frontlines of today’s most pressing issues. With focus on grassrootswomen change leaders, our programs nurture community, provide mediaand empowerment training, and channel rising voices to influential Forums.
Keen focus is on creating leaders that emerge from the very grassroots through various programs whose sole aim is to nurture the leaders of tomorrow and give an opportunity to raise their voices in influential public spheres. You can celebrate women around the world who are transforming their lives and their communities. We at Her Mejesty believe that women are worth celebrating, every single day. It is this belief that motivates us to provide women with financial services that will serve as a catalyst to bring about a sustainable change and provide an opportunity thatevery woman deserves. There are many activities, social events and fund-raising opportunities to tempt our membership into action. Several of our events are designed specifically to raise funds for the many charities we support.